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Innovations In Software offers two methods of usage for the IRIDIUM® line of business management applications. The first and most traditional Licensed is to license the application and run the application on your hardware at your place of business. The second method Hosted allows you to pay a monthly usage fee and the application is hosted at our operations center on our hardware. You access the application over the internet.

Licensed Option

With the Licensed Option You license (purchase), deploy, install and maintain the Iridium line of business management solutions on your equipment at your location(s). It is an excellent option if you have responsible people to manage and administer the computer and communications infrastructure to run the business applications.


Hosted Option

With the Hosted option, Innovations In Software hosts, operates, maintains and upgrades the Iridium business application for you. You simply purchase subscription access for the individuals in your business that need to use the software. This allows you access to a powerful business management solution to run you company with a low cost of entry. There is no server hardware cost, no server installation costs and no initial software-licenses fees.


Choose what is right for you

Hosted Benefits

License Benefits

  • No up front software license fees.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • No up front Server hardware investment.

  • Easier Hardware and Software Integration and Full Customization
  • Easy Access from anywhere with internet access
  • Less Downtime Risk Due to Internet Outages
  • Short Time to Productivity and Quick ROI
  • Higher Transactional Volumes
  • Simplified Management
  • Data Accessibility and Ownership