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Amazon Integrator
Iridium integrates with Amazon to pass product information to form product listings, retrieve orders placed on Amazon and send tracking information back when orders are shipped; all while keeping inventory balances between the warehouse and Amazon in sync.
Listing Information
Product Features, Bullet Points, Target Audience and Item Type are all informational features utilized by Amazon that are managed within the Amazon Integrator. These fields are linked with Amazon’s detailed listing criteria. All can be editied from Iridium’s Amazon Integrator. Within a specific item profile, under the “Publish to Amazon” selection, are specific fields, such as the Item Type, that are unique to an Amazon product listing. The Item Type is particularly unique because it constructs the bread crumb trail that leads a customer to the item when browsing. All of the options available when listing a product directly on the Amazon website are available in the Amazon Integrator. The product information already entered into the Iridium Amazon Integrator is transferred into an Amazon product listing.
Changes in price can also be manipulated through the Amazon Integrator. Within the catalog, the stock price is listed as well as the selling price. There are two options to changing the selling price of an item; including decrease/ increase by a percentage or dollar amount. Once changes are made it is published to Amazon.
Inventory Feeds
Iridium sends quantity updates to Amazon throughout the day based on a user defined schedule. These levels account for unshipped orders as well as any inventory that could be delayed. In the case when no quantity is available but a shipment is expended in “n” days Iridium updates Amazon to reflect such time delay. Inventory feeds can be processed at any time span delegated by the user.
See Vendor Order Fulfillment
Communication with Amazon is crucial regarding inventory levels. Quantity levels are editable beyond the fixed quantity option to reflect the following; on hand quantity plus fixed quantity and on hand quantity multiplied by a percentage or multiple.
Order Processing
As sales occur on Amazon, the Iridium system will pull the order form Amazon and add the item to the Iridium order system. An acknowledgment is sent back to Amazon for the order. Once in the Iridium order system it is automatically added to Batch Scheduling and Shipment.
If the order manages to get through the fulfillment process and then it is discovered that the product is out of stock, the fulfillment team would then put the product into an out of stock state, which would then send out an email to the customer saying we are out of stock and their product will be in at a specified amount of time. The same process is available for when that product comes back into stock and email will automatically be sent to any customers that are said to be waiting on the product, and informing them that it is set to ship.
See Batch Shipping for more information.

See Order Processing/Fulfillment for more information.
Shipping/ Tracking Numbers
When the product ships, Iridium is equipped to send emails Amazon with shipping information and send the same information to the customer, providing tracking information.